Model Tank M3 Stuart

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Light tank M3 — American light tank of the period of World War II. It is also widely known under the name «Stuart», given to him in the British troops in honor of the General of the Civil War in the USA, Jeb Stewart. M3 was created in 1938-1941 on the basis of the light tank M2. «Stuart» was mass-produced from March 1941 to June 1944, repeatedly undergoing upgrades during the release. In total, 23,685 tanks of this type were built, which made the Stuart the largest light tank in the history of world tank building. In World War II, “Stuart” was actively used by US troops, and was also supplied in significant quantities under the Lend-Lease program to Great Britain, the USSR, China, the troops of “Free France” and the NOAU. After the war, obsolete by that time, but still numerous “Stuarts” were sold to many other countries, some of which were in service until the 1990s.

Tank made of bronze.

Hand Crafted in Russia.

♦ Height: 30 mm
♦ Width: 25 mm
♦Length : 50 mm
♦ Weight: 92 g


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