Model Tank Centurion, A41

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Centurion, A41 — British medium tank. According to the western classification, it belongs to the main battle tanks of the first generation. It was developed in 1943-1945 to confront the German heavy tanks in the framework of the concept of a «universal tank», which was to replace the previously existing infantry and cruising tanks. The first serial «Centurions» entered the army in 1945, after the end of hostilities in Europe. Repeatedly modernizing, Centurion was in mass production from 1945 to 1962. A total of 4423 tanks of this type were produced, not counting vehicles based on it. The Centurion formed the basis of the tank fleet of Great Britain until the mid-1960s, when it was replaced by the main battle tank, the Chieftain. Most of the tanks released, mainly after removal from service, were delivered to a number of other countries. The first combat use of Centurion took place in the Korean War, since then it has taken part in many other conflicts, in particular in the Vietnam War and a number of Middle Eastern wars. As of 2007, it was mostly decommissioned in most countries, but it still remains in service in Israel, Jordan, South Africa, and Singapore.

Tank made of bronze.

Hand Crafted in Russia.

♦ Height: 20 mm
♦ Width: 20 mm
♦Length : 50 mm
♦ Weight: 57 g


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